Onfranklin&main is an online photo narrative showcasing visual stories in Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Chatham County, NC. Much of what you see is street photography: photography that features chance encounters and random accidents within public places. This site is intended to illustrate the spectrum of people (often escorted by art, architecture, culture, eats) that parade among the sister settings. For those who live outside this world, peek into everyday life here. For those who live their fullest lives here, enjoy.


My name is Melissa. I live in the Carrboro/Chapel Hill/Chatham Co. area with my husband, two young daughters (one with a bohemian flair, the other a quick wit), two pups Tuesday and Domino, along with Sneaky Pete and Rosie Kadozie, our fuzzy feline duo. I'm a trained journalist who has been both on the editorial and business sides of media companies including The New York Times and Reader’s Digest. In 2006, we made our way to North Carolina and I joined a team at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Like scores of folks, we moved here to trade in big city whirlwind for calmer, and in many ways, more robust lives. After my first daughter was born, I left full-time work at the university to focus on our growing family and community service. These days, I continue to serve on education boards, and have boomeranged back to UNC-Chapel Hill. An enduring love of people, design, and my adopted town propelled me to launch this website. Please tag along, as I explore the people and backdrops that form Carrboro/Chapel Hill/Chatham Co. And in some cases, join me on my travels.

Contact: melissa@onfranklinandmain.com


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